School Checklist

Are you looking for an amazing charitable project to get involved in? If so, review the checklist below and let us know if you’re ready to adopt greenLockers!

  • We’re looking for student-led organizations willing to partner with greenLockers in their schools (Elementary schools may require that a teacher or parent run point on the project).
  • Requirements:
    • Be able to contact school administrators for the clean-out dates as well as approval for the below actions
    • Provide internal advertising starting two weeks before the locker clean-out dates (example: follow standard protocol for video announcements, posters, etc…)
    • Communicate with custodial staff about the intended actions of the greenLockers project
    • Manage the placement of containers in classrooms the week before locker clean-outs. We provide the containers for you if you do not already have them
    • Move containers into the locker hallways on locker clean-out days. After each day, return them to their classrooms until the final locker clean-out day
    • Retrieve containers on the last day of clean-outs and place all containers in a central location (will most likely need the approval of school administration for staging area)
    • Provide a sorting of the collected supplies (all containers will need sorted to ensure there is no trash or unusable supplies in them). Typically takes an hour to complete

If this sounds like a good project for your school or student organization please contact us for further instructions: