How It Works

The Process

When students clean out their lockers (or even dorm rooms) at the end of the school year, we provide alternative containers for them to discard their new and slightly-used school supplies, books and clothes. The student organization then collects all of the materials and sorts through them. We then pick them up, and proceed to distribute them locally, nationally, and internationally – students in need through local teachers and charities.

Why It Works

  • There is no drain on schools’ resources – financially or staff-wise
  • Adults and children alike naturally want to help others – especially if it is at little cost to them
  • It could help supplicate local school resources – especially in the inner-city
  • It is easy for the student body to understand and takes little to no extra effort on their part
  • Participating is not a risk to students’ peer status
  • Students are more likely to contribute when they see fellow students (NHS, 5-star, student council, etc.) leading the charge
  • It provides an opportunity for the younger generation to contribute to society on their own
  • The project itself is NOT a long, drawn out process – results are seen very quickly
  • Schools can “go green” by saving thousands of pounds from area landfills
  • The program is not new. Years of experience allow it to be tailored to each schools needs