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Income Tax Information

It’s important to know that all contributions made to greenLockers are tax-deductible!

Individual Sponsorship

We want to be very transparent here at greenLockers as to where your donations go:

  • Supply Containers: We are excited to announce new containers specifically designed and manufactured by the W.C. Redmon corporation for greenLockers. They are willing to manufacture them at wholesale cost so that we can be in the most schools possible. Regardless of the size of your gift, at least 85% of all of our funds go to purchasing these containers. Simply put, more contributions equal more containers equal more schools equal more students contributing equal more underprivileged students being helped equal more communities transformed!
  • Shipping Costs/Internships: The other 15% of your contribution goes towards shipment costs of the materials to and from schools as well as internships for college students interested in non-profit work.

Wonder what your donation does for greenLockers? Here are some interesting benchmarks:

  • $120: Adopts an elementary school for 10 years, affecting close to 2,000 students.
  • $280: Adopts a middle school for 10 years, affecting close to 4,000 students.
  • $520: Adopts a high school for 10 years, affecting close to 7,000 students.
  • $920: Adopts a full track through a school system, and affects close to 13,000 students.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Why would my company want to support greenLockers?

  • This one time investment equals at least 8-10 years of marketing (example: the 600D canvas containers with reinforced stitching last 8-10 years).
  • Your full color logo will be printed directly into the canvas material.
  • Your brand will be in front of tens of thousands of students. Last year greenLockers was in 52 schools where over 20,000 students heard about the project.
  • Students hear about this within days of letting out for summer break.
  • Advertising is very dense with daily announcements (for about a two weeks) as well as the containers themselves being in the hallways during locker clean-out time.
  • You will be helping schools go green, empowering student leadership and enabling more students to have what they need to get a quality education.

Make a Donation

Levels of Corporate Sponsorship

Donation Sponsorship ($2,000-$12,000)
This level is especially for those that may be unable to give financially, but still want to have a big involvement in equipping local students in need. A donation sponsor can give school supply donations and/or gift cards (with which greenLockers would purchase school supplies from your corporation). At this level:

  • Your corporation would be commended as providing donations to greenLockers in all of the press releases/media coverage.
  • With a financial contribution, you could fund new containers for the schools (cost is $8,000 per 1,000 container minimum), but no corporate logo would be printed.

Compassion Sponsorship ($15,000-$25,000)
This level of sponsorship shows true compassion because 85% of the financial contribution would go directly into purchasing more containers, so that more schools and students can participate resulting in more underprivileged students in the community getting their much needed supplies. The remaining 15% would go towards several college student internships as well as some shipping and transportation costs of the containers to the schools and the pick-up of the supplies. At this level:

  • Your corporation would be included in press releases/media coverage as a “sponsor” of greenLockers.
  • A full color, corporate logo would be printed directly into the fabric of the containers.

Commitment Sponsorship ($30,000-$50,000 or more!)
This level demonstrates not only compassion for students, schools, and the community, but a true commitment. 85% of the financial contribution would go directly to purchasing of more containers, and the remaining 15% would fund the full 3 internships as well as cover all of the shipping and transportation costs. This is the complete package to allow greenLockers to reach at least 100 schools! At this level:

  • Your corporation would be included as a “title” sponsor in all press releases/media coverage and school advertising.
  • A full color, corporate logo would be printed directly into the fabric of the containers- influencing 500,000 students during its lifespan.


FOR MORE INFORMATION on one of the above giving options please contact us: